• Lycopene

    Lycopene Lycopene is extracted and refined from high quality tomatos. It is an isomer of carotene.  Being the most powerful anti-oxidation active substance, with many functions as anti-aging, improving immunity, it is widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries or as a food additive.

  • Lutein Crystal

    Lutein Crystal Brown yellow crystal refined from marigold oleoresin through purification. It has remarkable effects on preventing eyesight degeneration and blindness caused by aging, and reducing the probability of suffering cardiovascular sclerosis, coronary heart disease and tumour diseases. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, health care industries, etc.

  • Green Coffee Bean

    Green Coffee Bean Extract We selected the Arabica coffee bean as the raw material, Through advanced process, Retained the purest essence of chlorogenic acids. The main effects are: weight loss, reduce blood press, onifying kidney, Age Defying, ect.

  • Grape Seed Extract

    Grape Seed Extract Grape Seed Extract is extracted from high quality grape seed. It is an effective antioxidant and  free radical cleaner product, widely used in healthy products, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, etc.

  • Functional Red

    Functional Red Yeast Rice(Powder)  The Functional Red Yeast Rice (Powder)  is a pure natural, effectual material for dietary food and medicine which have higher nutritional, health care and medicinal value. It contains rich biolites and many other physiological activators, including red yeast rice metabolins like Monacolin-K, ergosterol, γ- propalanine and kinds of unsaturated fatty acids. Our products contain no citrinin with various kinds and specifications available for option, ranging leading level among the industry.

  • Capsaicin

    Capsaicin Capsaicin is a pure white crystal made from capsicum oleoresin by advanced methods of separation and refining. It has high medical value on anti-microbe, relieving pain and diminishing inflammation. It can be used in pharmaceutical products, biochemical pesticide, biochemical weapon, ship paint, and also for treating arthritis, or in injection for drug addiction and tear bomb, etc.

  • Ginkgetin

    Ginkgetin Ginkgetin is extracted and refined from gingko leave, the main composition is active ingredients, like flavone and ginkgolides. The product can improve cardiovascular function, soften blood vessel, reduce blood-fat, anti-aging, spasmolysis and ease bronchus. It is widely used in healthy products and cosmetic industries.

  • Stevia

    Stevia is a new natural sweetener extracted from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana. It is higher in sweetness, lower in calorie, that is, its sweetness is about 200-400 times as that of sucrose, but calories is about 1/300 times as that of sucrose. After a large amount of laboratory tastings, stevia has been proven to be without any toxic and side-effect, non-carcinogenic and is safe to be consumed, is very suitable for patients with diabetes, obesity, arteriosclerosis. It is widely used in food, beverage, medicine, daily chemical industry, etc.   TSG SERIES  TSG90 / TSG95 A white or pale yellow crystalline powder, with cool and lasting taste. REB-A SERIES  RA40-98% A white crystalline powder, with the increase of RA content, the sweetness increased. STV SERIES  STV80 / STV90 / STV95 A white crystalline powder, with fresh and lasting taste.

  • Astaxanthin

    Astaxanthin Natural astaxanthin is the the strongest antioxidant active substance up to now. Experimental data shows that the antioxidant ability of astaxanthin is 10 times as β-carotene, 550 times as Vitamin E and 6000 times as Vitamin C. Due to the unique molecular structure, astaxanthin is the only Carotenoid that can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and a variety of biological membrane. Based on these characteristics, astaxanthin is much more easily to be absorbed by body. Besides, astaxanthin has obvious effects on improving the human body immunity, protecting cardiovascular, relieving fatigue, protecting eyes and skin protection. Employing the natural rain raw haematococcaceae powder as raw material, through supercritical fluid technology extraction process and advanced micro capsule preparation technology, we can supply natural astaxanthin oil, standards of of 5-20%, and the micro capsule powder of water soluble astaxanthin whose standards is between 1-3%. The products are mainly used in the high-end cosmetics and high-end health care products field.

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